Building a High-Performing Website:

How to Convert Visitors into Clients

with Colleen Sedgwick

The Top 15 Mistakes That Pet Sitters Make With Their Websites


Colleen Sedgwick is a Pet Sitting Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Wife and Mom, and she teaches pet business owners how to launch, grow and multiply their businesses.

Colleen transformed her once teeny-tiny, itty-bitty pet sitting business into a thriving a lucrative enterprise that services over two thousand clients on The Main Line of Philadelphia.

Through her ultra-informative blog, videos, online courses and group coaching programs, she’s empowered and taught countless other pet sitters how to turn their passion for pets into paychecks.

And when she’s not turning her knowledge of the pet sitting industry into blog posts, programs or courses, you will find her loving on her family, hustling on the tennis or paddle court or watching BRAVO TV!

Colleen says, “I’m living proof that you can create a purpose-filled and lucrative business based on your love for animals and that it’s never too late to follow your heart and live your passion.”

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